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Questions About Christianity:


If your parents were a Christian does not make you a Christian anymore than if your parents were vegetarian would mean you are a vegetarian. Because becoming a Christian is a personal decision, and every person must make it themselves, nobody can make that decision for you. Not your parents, family or friends.

Are you a Christian if you:
* Pray? NO, Many people pray that are not Christians
* Read the Bible? NO, You can read the Bible 100 times and not be a Christian.
* Go to Church? NO, Does going to the airport make you an aeroplane?
* Live a pretty good life? NO, Some Non-Christians live good lives.
* Believe God exists? NO, Even Satan believes God exists.

Christians often do these things, but they don't make you a Christian!

Christians are people who believe in Jesus and have a personal relationship with Him.

A Christian is a person who has realized how lost, weak, sinful and worthy of death they are without God in control of their life. Realizing this they have turned their hearts away from sin and rebellion against God, and turned their lives over to God and accepted by faith His free gifts of life and forgiveness, which God's Son Jesus purchased for mankind by dying for their sins on the cross. In so believing in Jesus they became a new person on the inside, being forgiven and cleansed of all their sins. At this point they entered into a spiritual relationship with God, and so became a Christian. However being a Christian is a life long journey with Jesus. As Christians follow Jesus and continue to surrender control of their lives to Him, they are transformed through God's Holy Spirit which now lives in them. He guides them and gives them power to live and love like Jesus.

So becoming a Christian involves:
-Realizing how sinful and powerless we are without God in control of our life.
-Turning away from sin and turning our lives over to God.
-Accepting by faith the free gift of life Jesus purchased for us by dying on the Cross for our son.

Christianity is about putting God in control of your life.

To become a Christian you need to make a decision.
-A decision to turn from sin and surrender your life over to God.
-A decision to accept Jesus free gift of life.

Who can become a Christian?
* Anybody, even if you are the worst person on the planet. God wants to become your friend.
* All that want to become a Christian will be accepted by Jesus, He does not reject anybody that comes and asks Him for forgiveness.

If you love somebody what do you do?
1. You want to spend time with them. 2. You want to talk with them. 3. You want to obey them.
It is the same with God, if we love Him we will obey Him and talk to him in prayer.

Why should we become a Christian?
* We all have a problem only God can fix. Which is sin.
* Be spiritually cleaned of all the sins that have messed us up on the inside.
* Receive the Holy Spirit that gives us power to live and love like Jesus
* So we are not ashamed when Jesus returns to earth, to judge the living and the dead.
* So we can be what God created us to be.
* So we can have a relationship with God our Creator
* So we can have true peace, that comes only through knowing Jesus. You can spend your whole life looking for peace, but you can only find it through a relationship with Jesus!
* It makes God and the angels in heaven happy when a person becomes a Christian.

Why don't people become Christians?
* They have not heard about Jesus
* There is something they don't want to give up such as sinning
* They are afraid they will be made fun of.
* They love money and other things more than God

There are only one kind of Christian, those that have a relationship with God through Jesus. The only thing that matters is your relationship with Jesus.

Brought to you by Terje Ronneberg
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